Club Rule #1
RESPECT all Coaches and United MMA friends.
We bow, as a sign of respect, before entering & leaving the training (mat/cage) areas. 
Bad attitudes, bad intentions & foul language do not belong in this martial arts school. 
Club Rule #2
FOOTWEAR must be worn at all times and in all areas.
Place your footwear and belongings into the black cubicles before entering the training (mat/cage) areas.
Restroom and water breaks require footwear.
Club Rule #3
BELONGINGS (safety gear, mouth guard, clothes, etc.) must be placed in your bag
(by the mats/in the black cubicles/in the day lockers with your own lock for the day).
 We are not responsible for your belongings.  Please keep the chairs cleared for guests, not belongings. 
Club Rule #4
Nails must be trimmed. Cuts must be covered. No chewing gum. 
Clothes must be clean and appropriate for training.
Bring extra shirts as needed. Hair must be tied up. Remove all jewelry. 
Club Rule #5
CHILDREN must be supervised at all times.
For their safety, children are not allowed in the “Fitness” areas (cardio/weight machines).
Unattended children are not allowed in the parking lot.
Children under 5 years must be accompanied to the restroom.

Thank you for your cooperation.